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Hey! It's RKA!

That's short for Rachael Kay Albers. I'm a marketer who hates marketing (of the sleazy variety, that is). I run RKA ink, a web design and digital marketing studio for thought leaders and visionary entrepreneurs. My secret sauce is helping small businesses stand out online WITHOUT selling their soul or playing the manipulation game. Originally from Chicago, I founded RKA ink in 2009 while living and working as a "digital nomad," setting up shop in Chiapas, Mexico and coding my way around the world (from Mexico to Germany to Kenya to Spain and back again.)

Today, RKA ink and I are back to our roots outside the Windy City. When I'm not crafting beautiful, unforgettable brands for my clients, I host Awkward Marketing: my funny, no B.S.weekly Facebook Live show dedicated to helping entrepreneurs push past the awkwardness of marketing themselves online. Other fun facts about me: I married my husband 365 times -- every day for a year. (Yes, it was as sappy as it sounds. Our claim to fame is that Jimmy Fallon made fun of us on "The Tonight Show." How many newlyweds can say that?!) And before I dropped out of law school to found RKA ink, I studied theater in New York and Chicago and even had a brief stint in Australian seminary. In other words, I was born to be an entrepreneur. It just took me a while to figure that out.

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